Sunday, August 19, 2012

Time For More POR-15

We started this morning by brushing the K-member and the front of the car with wire brushes. 

I brushed the K-member and Sara brushed the front of the car.

After Sara finished cleaning off the bumper mounts with the wire brush, we could see the passenger side frame where the bumper mounts was bent. Upon closer inspection, I decided the car must have been hit at one pointed and had been straightened. Hopefully this will not cause a problem when I go to put the new nose on the car.

This is a picture of the passenger side frame where the bumper mounts.

This is the driver side frame where the bumper mounts.

I next removed the screws for the bracket where the headlight mounts.

Here is a picture of the headlight bracket showing where the screw clips are located. We removed these in preparation for painting.

These next two pictures are for our future reference and show where the screw clips for the hood latch shelf were located.

I had collected these greasy parts in a box top. 

Sara went to work scrubbing them clean with a wire brush.

We had to put the tire back on so we could lower the car down.

This is the area we are going to paint with POR-15 now that the car is back on the ground.

After Sara finished cleaning the brackets with a wire brush, she cleaned them with Marine Clean and then prepped them with Prep and Ready.

After the parts were dry, I used a nylon wire cup brush and the drill to scuff up the surfaces.

While Sara was working on the brackets, I also cleaned the front of the car and K-member with Marine Clean and then prepped it with Prep and Ready. I used the air compressor to speed drying on all of the brackets and the front of the car. Once it was dry, I used the nylon wire cup brush and the drill to scuff up the front of the car and the K-member. After all of that, Sara went over everything we were going to paint with her parts brush to get any loose debris and dirt. I hit it once again with the air compressor and the followed with the vacuum.

We knew painting the brackets on both sides could be difficult, so our solution was to hang them from the garage door with fish line. Sara put a tarp underneath to catch any drips.

Sara painted the brackets with black POR-15 while I painted the K-member. I tried to get between the frame and the K-member with a brush the best I could, but there were some areas I could not reach. I thought this would be a perfect time to give the daubers we ordered from POR-15 a second chance. Three "SOBs!" later and an arm full of paint, and I officially pronounce these daubers WORTHLESS. I used a q-tip and my paint brush to get into some of these spots instead. For the record, q-tips work better than daubers, and they are much more cost-effective, too.

Sara's painted brackets.

After Sara painted the brackets and I painted the K-member, we painted the front of the car together. Here is the front after a coat of black POR-15.

The top of the K-member with its coat of black POR-15.

While we waited for the POR-15 to dry I purchased a set of power mirrors, a couple of switch bezels and a pair of power mirror switches on ebay. Stay tuned for pictures and updates when these arrive.

After 2 1/2 hours we applied the BlackCote. We purchased 1 1/2-inch brushes at Menards to replace the 1-inch brushes we got from POR-15. Although the 1 1/2-inch brush fits into a POR-15 4 oz can, it does not fit as easily as the 1-inch. We only have two of the 1 1/2-inch brushes left, and we plan to buy 1-inch brushes when we run out.

Sara painted BlackCote on all the brackets.

I painted BlackCote on the K-member.

We both painted BlackCote on the front of the car. We are still not very impressed with the BlackCote finish. It should be sprayed on instead of brushed on because it shows every brush mark. The POR-15 finish looks much nicer than the BlackCote. I do not plan to buy any more BlackCote once we use up what we have left.

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