Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Paint Booth Is Operational

Our trial run with the paint booth was a success. I just want to add a fan and a filter to remove the particulates from the air inside the booth. 

To construct the paint booth we used the following:
  • Four 8x10 standard duty tarps for the walls
  • One roll of silver duct tape
  • Eighteen eye hooks and anchors to hang the tarp walls from the ceiling
  • One 10x10 standard duty tarp for the floor
Sara and I laid the tarps out on the floor widthwise. The actual measurements of the tarps were 7' 4" x 9' 6". I needed the 9' 6" to span the 8' ceiling to floor height, so we overlapped the tarps by 4" making 7' side panels. We taped the seams on both sides with two rolls of duct tape from the top of the tarps down eight feet. This allowed us to have panels at the bottom to make corners on the floor. Once our tarps were all taped together as one piece, we put up the corner eye hooks and made our frame. I deliberately centered the booth around one of the 200 watt light bulbs in the garage.  We then installed the remaining eye hooks so the walls were snug. I used two of the eye hooks in the center of the paint booth as points to hang parts for painting. I secured the open seam with clips to make a doorway. Once the side walls were up we pulled the 10" x 10" tarp underneath and folded the excess length of the side panels outward and set cinder blocks at each corner. The paint booth is easy to put up and take down. After we finished with it tonight we took it down, folded it up and put it in a plastic tub for storage until our next painting project.

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