Friday, August 3, 2012

Back To Working On KITT

With the extreme temperatures we have had lately we have not worked on KITT as much as I would have liked. Tonight there was a major cool down following a brief storm and we were able to get back to work on KITT again.

I want to continue work on putting POR-15 on the firewall and the rest of the interior spots that we did not get to the first time. I started tonight by removing the brake and accelerator pedals.

I pushed the brake pedal wiring and the speedometer cable through the firewall and into the engine bay. 

I pulled the accelerator bracket, which is attached to the shift cable, back away from the firewall.

I pushed the grommet and the wiring for the heating and ventilation controls through the firewall and into the engine bay.

Next I removed the air inlet assembly.

Looking in from the engine bay to where the air inlet assembly was mounted.

I noticed before I removed the air inlet assembly that one of the tabs on the top was broke and bent over. I am not sure what purpose this serves, but I am sure it can be glued.

On to the wiring for the power antenna. I pushed the grommet wiring and antenna cable through the inner wall and into the fender.

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