Sunday, July 26, 2020

Happy 40th Birthday Jonathan!

Happy 40th Birthday to the man who takes such good care of us! 
From KITT and KARR

Jonathan, Happy 40th Birthday from Team Project: K.I.T.T.!

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Cleaning Up KARR's Engine Bay

We had a three day weekend July 3 - 5 and we spent all three days working on KARR.  We had a whole list of things we were planning for KARR.

How We Know KARR Is Spoiled...

It is my 40th birthday tomorrow.  I am celebrating my 40th birthday by getting KARR painted and by basically buying anything I have wanted to replace, upgrade or add to KARR.  The new headlights, strut and fuel filler door guard were the first of my birthday purchases.  So if it seems like I am spending money like a rock star... I am. 😎🤘

KARR's HVAC Illumination, Repair & Cleaning

When I ordered the upgraded interior LEDs back in December, I also ordered an upgraded LED for the HVAC controls.  On June 21st we installed it.  I had to start by removing the blackout trim.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Fuel Gauge, The End Of A Saga?

Despite seeming to work after we tracked down a faulty connection on the fuel sending unit, the fuel gauge is still not reading accurately.  Troy said he would help me replace the fuel sending unit, figuring that was the only thing we had not tried in an attempt to get the digital fuel gauge to read right. So on Saturday, June 20th we set to it.

KARR Gets LED Headlights

Remember KARR's new taillight lenses? Well, the butyl tape I needed to install them finally arrived June 1st, but while waiting for it I decided I was not going to install the new taillights until I got KARR repainted. Oh, and KARR insisted he needed the new LED headlights he found while browsing Amazon...who knew?

A Squeal, A Blowout, & A Couple Of Cracks

In May KARR started squealing like a little pig every time I would start him up or turn on the air.  Troy and I replaced both the AC compressor belt and the Serpentine belt because they were totally shot and squealing.  It would seem however that KARR was not satisfied with just getting new belts...and still was demanding attention.  The new belts needed to be tightened.

When we replaced the belts, we noticed I had a blown gasket on the exhaust manifold.  I ordered new gaskets and we planned to replace them today, along with tightening the belts.

Finishing KARR's New Trunk Carpet & Interior LED Upgrades

So back in December... 

Yeah, I have no excuse for why I didn't post this before now, but I am going through eight months of pictures and will bring the blog up to date. 

When we installed KARR's new trunk carpet I was missing a few retaining clips primarily because I did not realize how many were in the trunk or that I was missing some on the original carpet.  I really did not want to reuse the light gray clips, so I ordered three new black ones, along with a new trunk light lens as the original broke when I tried to reinstall it after the carpet.  This was also the perfect time to order new weather seal for the trunk.