Friday, July 24, 2020

Finishing KARR's New Trunk Carpet & Interior LED Upgrades

So back in December... 

Yeah, I have no excuse for why I didn't post this before now, but I am going through eight months of pictures and will bring the blog up to date. 

When we installed KARR's new trunk carpet I was missing a few retaining clips primarily because I did not realize how many were in the trunk or that I was missing some on the original carpet.  I really did not want to reuse the light gray clips, so I ordered three new black ones, along with a new trunk light lens as the original broke when I tried to reinstall it after the carpet.  This was also the perfect time to order new weather seal for the trunk.

Here is a comparison between the original gray clips and the new black ones.

Here is the original trunk light. You can see the right side is not snapped back into place because the tab is broken so the light does not sit flush.

Here is a comparison between the original lens and the new replacement.  The original is on the left and you can see the broken tab on the right side.

Here are the remaining three gray carpet retaining clips that I need to replace with new black ones.

This spot was missing the original clip and I only discovered that it needed one when I removed the original carpet and could see the corresponding hole in the sheet metal.

Here it is with the new black clips installed.

The finished result.  I still need to replace the weather seal on the trunk but I think I will wait until I get KARR painted.

I ordered interior LEDs to replace the cheap ones I had previously installed.

Here is a comparison of the original cheap LEDs (white base) and the new upgraded LEDs (clear base).

New dome light LED installed on left side versus original cheap LED on right side.

The new LEDs are slightly over-sized and while they still fit, it was easier to install them with the overhead console removed.

Overhead console reinstalled with all lenses in place.

They are seriously super bright.

I also replaced KARR's scanner in December.

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