Sunday, February 9, 2020

There Goes The Blinker Fluid...

I checked and there is not a drop of blinker fluid left in there...ugh! 😉

When I installed the replacement turn signal lenses from the Fiero Store, I dropped one and the amber lens separated from the reflective housing.  I glued the lens and housing back together and installed it, thinking it was just a fluke.  The other night after remote starting the car I noticed the passenger side front turn signal was white and not amber.  Upon closer inspection, I realized the lens had separated and was laying in front of the turn signal.  Originally it was the driver's side lens that had separated, so I knew I needed to fix this problem.

Because of the original issue with the driver's side lens, the last time I placed an order with the Fiero Store I ordered an additional set of turn signal lenses.  As you can see by the picture below, separation is an obvious problem with these lenses.  The passenger side lens came apart in my hands even before I installed it.

I glued the lens and assembly together.

I wanted to find a more permanent solution to insure the lens would never separate from the housing.  The design of these lenses was such that the screws that secured them only secured the reflective housing to the car, with the head of the screw passing through but not securing the amber lens.  I located some washers that were just larger than the holes in the lens, so that the screws would hold both the lens and the reflective housing in place.

Here you can see the passenger side turn signal lens mounted with the washers.

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