Thursday, July 19, 2012

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Removing The Engine And Transmission

Today Troy and I pulled KITT's engine and transmission. I took a really quick video of the engine bay in its current state before we got started.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Off The Jacks And Waiting For Jack

Once I had KITT lowered back to the ground, I covered it with a tarp to keep the sun off the POR-15-coated interior. Then I rolled KITT out of the garage to wait for Jack to bring the tow truck.

All Jacked Up And Nowhere To Go

This afternoon after work my father helped me get KITT up on jack stands.

The jack stands I had purchased have 16 inches of lift height. Although this is enough to get under the car, it is very tight laying on a creeper. I needed to find a way to get more lift, so I bought a 14' 2x10 and cut it into 9 1/4 inch squares. Sara and I glued them together in a cribbing style with Gorilla Glue last night. Once the jack stands are on these cubes, we've gained an extra six inches of clearance.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Emptying The Engine Bay, Part 3

Saturday KITT goes in to the mechanic's to get the engine and transmission pulled so they can be sent off and rebuilt. I wanted to focus my efforts yesterday and today on removing some of the remaining brackets from the engine bay.

A/C Compressor Bracket

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Complete Crossfire Injection System!

I have been searching for another Crossfire Injection wiring harness because mine had been left at the mercy of some less than desirable previous owner. My harness is so badly hacked in some areas that I cannot make sense of the connections. A member of the Foundation board had a complete '82 Crossfire Injection system for sale, which included the wiring harness, so I bought it. The package arrived today. 

The set includes everything shown in the pictures below.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Emptying The Engine Bay, Part 2

We got up early so it was still cool in the garage when we started working on the engine bay. We planned to remove as much as we could from the engine bay today.

A/C Compressor

What A Little Cleaning Can Do

Yesterday ended up being hotter than originally forecasted, so I brought the taillight harness inside to work on cleaning/restoring it. I tried using all-purpose cleaner/degreaser to clean the wire loom, plugs and wires. This did not work the best, so I ended up using Gojo Fast Wipes. They seem to cut through the grease and dirt much quicker.

I started by removing the section of loom to the right of the large plug you see on the left side in the picture below. I cleaned the loom in the bathtub so I could spray it with water and cleaner. This loom, other than having overspray on it, is in really good shape. I plan to reuse it. I do not foresee this being true with the other wiring looms on the harnesses I am going to be cleaning and restoring.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hey Bonnie! New Diagnostic Wands!

Presenting two Diagnostic Wand props I made. They are not exactly like the ones on the show but similar in fashion with a slightly updated look. 80's style electronic wizardry at its best.

New Radiator Overflow Reservoir Has Arrived!

My new radiator overflow reservoir arrived this week in the midst of the sweltering heatwave.