Friday, July 13, 2012

All Jacked Up And Nowhere To Go

This afternoon after work my father helped me get KITT up on jack stands.

The jack stands I had purchased have 16 inches of lift height. Although this is enough to get under the car, it is very tight laying on a creeper. I needed to find a way to get more lift, so I bought a 14' 2x10 and cut it into 9 1/4 inch squares. Sara and I glued them together in a cribbing style with Gorilla Glue last night. Once the jack stands are on these cubes, we've gained an extra six inches of clearance.

I needed to get KITT up in the air so I could remove the drive shaft. My father and I started by marking the drive shaft so we could get it hooked back up the same way. We then removed four bolts and two C clamps.

A picture of the drive shaft where it hooks into the transmission.

A picture of the drive shaft where it connects to the axle.

Another view of the drive shaft.

With the C clamps removed, we just had to pull the drive shaft down and out, being careful that the bearings stayed in. The transmission immediately started leaking transmission fluid, which we caught with a combination of Oil Zap pads and a large plastic bowl.

Drive shaft removed!

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