Thursday, July 12, 2012

Emptying The Engine Bay, Part 3

Saturday KITT goes in to the mechanic's to get the engine and transmission pulled so they can be sent off and rebuilt. I wanted to focus my efforts yesterday and today on removing some of the remaining brackets from the engine bay.

A/C Compressor Bracket

A/C Compressor Bracket Removed

Alternator Bracket

Alternator Bracket Removed

I also wanted to make sure that Troy (my mechanic friend) and I could remove the engine bay wiring harness easily when needed, so I worked on unclipping the 'C' clip from the inside passenger area and pushing it through into the fender.

The next step was to remove the plastic wheel well cover so that I could pull the wiring plug out of the fender area.

The plastic wheel well lining once removed.

It was easy to pull the rest of the wiring out of the fender with the plastic lining removed.

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