Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Complete Crossfire Injection System!

I have been searching for another Crossfire Injection wiring harness because mine had been left at the mercy of some less than desirable previous owner. My harness is so badly hacked in some areas that I cannot make sense of the connections. A member of the Foundation board had a complete '82 Crossfire Injection system for sale, which included the wiring harness, so I bought it. The package arrived today. 

The set includes everything shown in the pictures below.

On another note, I bought some Gojo pumice hand cleaner today along with eight quarter-inch pipe plugs from my local hardware store. I have been researching the removal of the smog pump and its related components, and the pipe plugs are used to seal the holes left in the exhaust manifold after removing the Emission Control System piping.

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