Saturday, July 14, 2012

Removing The Engine And Transmission

Today Troy and I pulled KITT's engine and transmission. I took a really quick video of the engine bay in its current state before we got started.

KITT waited patiently all night in the second bay of Troy's shop...

Troy lined the hoist up.

One last look at the engine bay before we started.

Troy first unhooked the wire harness. Good thing I unhooked it earlier from the inside...

Got the wires out of the way in preparation for engine removal.

Removed the distributor cap.

KITT's going up!

KITT does not like having all four wheels off the ground. Good thing the voicebox is not yet installed so he cannot whine...

Lower radiator mount with the mark of its previous owner bent up from improperly jacking the car. (This is why an owner's manual is included with your vehicle...)

We loosened the bolts on the transmission pan to allow the remaining fluid to drain.

I will need to replace the transmission pan, most likely with an aluminum one. Troy recommended aluminum because of the heat dissipation properties and impact resistance.

I enjoyed a Dew while we waited for the fluid to finish draining.

I am sure I took this picture for a reason, but I cannot remember why right now...

We adjusted the shift cable.

The next step was to remove the transmission mount.

Four bolts down, one to go.

The transmission mount is off.

We unhooked the torque arm next.

In this picture the torque arm is up and out of the way in the drive tunnel.

We unhooked the shift cable.

Next we unhooked the exhaust pipes. We had to cut the exhaust right in front of the Y in the rear before it splits to dual exhaust. We removed this entire section along with the catalytic converter.

We moved more of the wiring harness out of the way and unhooked all the spark plug wires.

In this picture Troy is lowering the transmission down.

I need to get a new bellhousing cover because the previous owner apparently removed it and did not replace it.

Transmission is out! 

This is a picture looking down the drive tunnel from where the transmission was.

We got the rest of the wiring out of the way and hooked the chain on the engine block.

Troy rolled the cherry picker into place.

Chain is hooked up.

We needed to remove the EGR so the chain did not rub on it.

The chain is taut now.

Here are some pictures as we lifted the engine out:

The engine is out!

Here is a quick walk-around of the engine block.

Next we attempted to straighten the lower radiator mount.

Here is a series of pictures as we worked on straightening the radiator mount.

The radiator mount is straight again. 

KITT sans engine and transmission. By the look of KITT's stance, it appears he is ready for some offroading action.

KITT is spending the night in the bay but will be home tomorrow.

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