Friday, August 10, 2012

Emptying The Engine Bay, Part 9

I had it all planned. After work Jonathan and I were going to swing by the hardware store to buy a ball joint and tie rod kit to remove the steering linkage. Then we were going to get started right away on KITT. We would remove the last items in the engine bay and probably even get the engine bay cleaned and degreased. Then, after all that hard work, we would have a pizza for a late dinner.

I am delusional.

It all started as planned. We went the hardware store immediately after work and bought the ball joint and tie rod kit.

Here is where we started. We need to remove the last remaining brake line.

Here is Jonathan disconnecting the brake line to the front passenger side wheel.

This is where the fitting is.

Brake line removed! Wow this is going to go great!

This is the pitman arm where it connects to the steering gear. The large nut on the end needs to be turned off. We discover Jonathan does not have a wrench or a crescent wrench large enough for this nut. We decide to make a quick trip to Menards to get a very large crescent wrench.

We are back with our new large crescent wrench. The sway bar is in the way. No problem; we will just remove it.

Removing the sway bar is taking longer than we planned. The nut on the driver side end link is seized solid. Maybe if we both try turning out the nut it will loosen. This theory ends with a large welt on my left arm.

An hour later Jonathan gives up, hack saw in hand.

I did a little dance after Jonathan sawed off the bolt.

On to the passenger side. Jonathan is bound and determined to turn this one off. Jonathan is rewarded with a matching welt on his left arm.

This is the end link Jonathan is attempting to remove.

An hour and a half after starting on the driver side bolt Jonathan again gets out the hacksaw.

Die bolt, die! End links and bushings are replaceable...

This picture shows where the bolt was cut off.

Sway bar down! I moved this myself. I am so strong.

Back to removing the pitman arm nut. Jonathan was able to get the nut off with some force. The fabulous ball joint and tie rod kit we purchased this evening did not have a piece large enough to fit between the steering gear and the pitman arm.

Jonathan decided to loosen the power steering gear bolts from the frame to gain better access to the pitman arm.

This is the power steering gear box from the top. I turned the tire so Jonathan had better access to the end links and fluid shot all over the place. I was on my hands and knees cleaning for a bit after this picture was taken.

This bracket had to be removed to access the third bolt you can see in the center of the picture.

This night is not turning out as planned. Even the rubber mallet isn't helping.

We gave up a little after 10PM. (It was too late to hammer.)

Somehow I do not think we will be painting the engine bay with POR-15 tomorrow as I hoped...

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