Thursday, August 9, 2012

Emptying The Engine Bay, Part 8

I had to go into work early today and so I got off early. I decided to dive right into removing the brake and fuel lines from the engine bay. First I worked on loosening all the line brackets in the engine bay and then worked my way along the underbody. The following pictures outline the path the lines take from the engine bay along the underbody. 

I still had not removed the gear select (shifter) cable, so I decided now is as good of time as any. 

Here is the gear select (shifter) cable after being removed.

I also removed the speedometer cable which was just caught behind the brake and fuel lines. Here is the speedometer cable after I removed it.

I disconnected the brake line at the rear axle. The brake line fitting would not loosen and instead rounded out in my attempt to get it loose, so I was forced to cut off the brake line. The brake lines will be replaced anyway, so I am not overly concerned about having to cut it.

Once loose I unhooked the brake line from the mounting brackets, starting at the back and working my way to the front. Once free, I pulled the brake line out from under the car.

My next project was to disconnect the fuel lines. You can see the three rubber hoses in the following pictures. I had to disconnect the clamps on these hoses and attempt to free them from the lines, but the hoses were so weathered and hard they would not pull off. I ended up having to slit them so I could pull them off the lines.

I was really wishing I had a second pair of hands for this part, as I had to catch the gasoline that was trapped in these lines. Just before I pulled off the first hose, Sara's dad showed up to help. He held the bucket to catch the gasoline and keep it from running all over me.

Once all three hoses were separated from the lines, we tried to drain as much of the fuel out as possible by raising the engine bay end of the fuel lines up and allowing the gasoline to drain out the rear. We then pulled the lines through the engine bay and out of the car. This was definitely much easier with assistance!

My next project was to remove the front brake lines. I started with the driver' side and again ran into the issue with not being able to get the fitting loose. I tried for a little while until it started rounding, and then decided to just cut it off with a hacksaw. Sara came home from work just in time to snap a couple of pictures of me working on this part.

Driver side front brake line.

The fuel lines.

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