Thursday, August 23, 2012

Power Mirrors And A Hex Bit Socket

My power mirrors, switches and bezels arrived today! They are in great shape.

One of the bezels is missing one of the four tabs that helps to hold the switch in place. I knew this before I bought it, but it was included with the mirrors. The face is in great shape and now I have a bezel for both switches.

Here is the second switch and bezel. Both the switches have crisp white markings and from what I can tell so far, are nice and solid and feel like they should work. The contacts on the backs definitely need to be cleaned though.

The mirrors are a match although I think KITT may be nervous that I am going to leave them green...

After work today I attempted to resume taking the caliper and rotor off the wheel now that I have the 6- inch c-clamp to compress the brake piston. I was able to get it fully compressed but ran into a snag when I realized the caliper bolts require a 3/8-inch hex bit socket. After Sara got home from work we went to Menards and bought one.

I checked to make sure the bit fits. It does.

I had to use a breaker bar to free the bolt.

Now it will easily ratchet out. I am tired though, so I am calling it a night and will resume tomorrow after work.

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