Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Motor Mounts, More Power And A Quick Checkup

Here is an update on what I have been doing the past few nights.

Sara's dad assisted me with taking apart the motor mounts so the inside rubber mount can be replaced. This is a two piece metal bracket riveted on either side. This bracket bolts directly to the K-member. It was necessary to drill the rivets out in order to separate them. I used a 31/64 drill bit and some cutting fluid.

Here is the first one separated.

The second one was a bit trickier. The rubber in this mount had disintegrated. You can see it is in pieces on the left side of this picture.

After the motor mounts were separated, Sara and I worked on lowering KITT back down and removing the wheels. Sara's dad worked meticulously scrubbing the motor mounts clean with a wire brush. They are now ready to be degreased, prepped and painted.

I kept hitting my head on the 3 foot orange electrical cord that I had dangling from the ceiling in the center of the garage. After a few swear words (and a few bruises) I decided to replace it with a retractable 30 foot electrical cord that just happens to look like Pac-Man. :)

I mounted this in the same place the other cord was hanging. Like the other extension cord, this one also features three receptacles on the end.

KITT wheel-less and up in the air.

I stacked the tires just behind the rear axle, more as a safety precaution, but also to get them out of the way.

I am thinking this rotor needs to be replaced. The Firebird service manual says you need a 7-inch c-clamp. I only had a 4-inch, and Menards only had a 6-inch and a 8-inch to choose from. I took my chances and tried the 6-inch. It works perfectly with room to spare.

A good friend of mine bought me a new diagnostic wand. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to try it out. It confirmed my suspicions that the rotor needs to be replaced. Thanks Jessica!

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