Sunday, August 5, 2012

Emptying The Engine Bay, Part 6

Sara was running some errands while I worked on the engine bay this afternoon. When she returned home she helped me remove a few more things before we called it a day.

We removed both side signal marker lights.

This is the driver side signal marker light.

This is the passenger side signal marker light.

The driver side signal marker light is cracked on the housing. I am pointing to the crack in this picture.

The driver side signal marker light also has a deep scratch in the lens. I may have to just replace this entire piece.

The passenger side signal marker light is in okay shape, but you can see paint overspray from where someone masked but did not remove the signal marker light when painting the car.

When removing the passenger side signal marker light, I realized we had not yet removed the bracket for the front ground effect. When I removed the ground effects, the nut in the picture below was seized and I could not loosen it. I tried spraying the nut and threads with WD-40 in the hopes it would penetrate and loosen the nut.

It is a pan-headed bolt and so you are unable to use a wrench to keep the bolt from turning. I tried clamping on to it with the vise grips while Sara attempted to loosen the nut from the inside with a ratchet socket.

This method proved almost fatal as the head slipped out of the vise grips almost immediately. Sara's pinky was injured, but luckily a friend gave me an Emergency KITT for my birthday which came equipped with Hello KITTy bandaids.

I will have to find another way to remove the above bolt. I may resort to using a bolt cutter.

I next turned my attention to the crud on the K-Member. While on her errands today Sara purchased a cheap grill brush for scraping and scrubbing the crud. It works well.

You can see there is no paint left in several places (which is why the engine bay is being redone with POR-15).

On a side note, Sara found a very cool cooler for the garage and Project: K.I.T.T. It has a 26 can capacity and is very durable. I placed a bumper sticker on it from my birthday party last year that proudly proclaims "KITT Happens".

It may be hot in our garage, but at least our drinks will be cold as K.I.T.T. happens!

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