Friday, August 3, 2012

Center Console And Door Sills

My center console was pretty much trashed by the previous owner trying to remove it without knowing how, so I have been in search of a good replacement. I found someone that had one and it arrived this week. As a bonus it had the radio plate included and it is in great shape. I intend to repaint these a matte black so everything looks like new.

I have also been searching for door sills from an '82 Firebird. I want to install new 4th Generation front seat belts to replace my worn out ones. I found that I can purchase brand new 4th Gen belts for less than 75% of what it would cost me to restore my current belts. The 4th Gen belts are a direct bolt-in replacement except for the lower mounting point by the door sill. Starting in '83 the seat belts had both an upper and lower retractor. The '83 door sill had a large notch cut out of it to accommodate the lower retractor. The '82's had belts similar to the 4th Gens so they had sills with just an opening for the belt to pass through to the lower mounting point.

I found a pair of '82 door sills online and they arrived this week as well. They are in great shape with the exception of a small crack in the driver side sill. I plan to fix this crack from the backside of the sill panel with JB Weld or something similar. They are black so they will have to be painted Saddle Tan with the rest of the interior plastics.

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