Sunday, August 11, 2013

Preparing To Install KITT's Rear End

Saturday morning my dad and brother Josh stopped by to see KITT!

Josh would like these decals if it possible to salvage them when the car goes to paint.

Troy is planning to come over today to install the rear end. I wanted to make sure I had everything ready that we would need, including taking care of the hardware I had painted Friday. I first reassembled the end links.

Next I reassembled the sway bar bushing mounts.

Troy called and said he was missing the c-clips for the new 28-spline axles. I assumed the new axle kit would come with new c-clips. I was wrong. Troy also mentioned the press-in studs are 7/16 and not metric. He said they also do not really press in; they are too small. He ordered the correct studs from a local shop in town. I located the bag containing the old c-clips and spider gears and we took them down to Troy's shop. 

While I was at the shop I had a chance to see the new posi unit and 3.23 gears installed.

The press-in studs arrived the same time I did, and Troy installed them immediately. He said he would be over in about an hour with the rear end and fuel sending unit. 

When we got back home, Sara and I started searching for a rubber grommet for the fuel lines. We were not able to locate it in any of the marked bags or tubs. I thought it was laying on top of the work bench, so we pulled everything out from under the bench, thinking it might have fallen behind. It was not back there, but it gave us a chance to clean up the area and do a little reorganizing.

One of the things Troy had mentioned to me is that he would like to get the other cross-fire setup I bought, so I got the boxes out. It is from a '82 and only had 70,000 miles on it. Mine had 155,000. Troy is going to examine both and use the best parts.

Once we had the garage and parts ready for the rear end installation, I started working on the taillight assemblies. I wanted to remove the smoked covers and clean them up so I can sell them. I will not need them with KITT's taillight blackout. I also wanted to remove the inner lenses to check on their condition.

Once the smoked covers were removed we cleaned them with MarineClean and a soft bristled brush. They are in great shape, with the exception of small cracks by the mounting washers in the centerpiece.

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