Monday, August 5, 2013

Odds And Ends, Part 3

I got some good news today! Bob from Fine Lines called me back to tell me he found the correct fuel line for KITT. It turns out that they had that particular line marked as being only for the V6 Firebirds. The assembly manual parts diagram I sent in confirmed that not only was that style used on the V6s but also on the Cross-Fire V8s. He said it was their mistake for not having it labeled properly and that there was no way for me to know it would be the wrong line. Tomorrow they are shipping out the correct line at no cost to me and I do not need to return the incorrect line. I have to say I am pretty impressed with Fine Lines right now and would recommend them to anyone looking for new hard lines for their classic cars. 

I am determined to speed up the process of getting the rear end installed as well as the remaining welding finished. I decided to see if there was anything I could use to grind down the rear subframe connector mounts. I only need to have the outsides welded, the interior sides were done when Troy was here the first time. 

Here is the driver side rear subframe connector mount.

Here is the passenger side rear subframe connector mount.

The access to this spot is very cramped, so I decided to try a rotary tool with a grinding wheel to grind these two areas.

It did the job fairly well and I think there is now enough bare metal on both sides to be able to weld.

The POR-15 six pack I ordered arrived today and I tore into it so I could start painting the parts I had prepped.

I decided to start with the gear selector and the small fuel and brake line brackets.

I only intend to give the gear selector one coat. I am only doing this to make it look a little better and because I can. :)

As you can see it makes quite the difference. I am sure I missed a few areas, but considering the fact that once the interior is installed you will never see this, I think did good. Besides, even when it is all covered up, I will know it looks nice underneath.

I plan to do two coats on the fuel and brake line brackets. After applying the first coat I carefully laid them to dry. 

I applied a second coat later this evening and carefully propped them against each other to dry. I may do a little touch up on these if they need it.

I also laid the gear selector on its side and painted the bottom. The whole thing now has one coat except for some of the very inside areas. I did not want to gum up the areas that need to move.

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