Monday, August 12, 2013

Installing The A-arms, Part 1

Dad stuck around to help us some more after Troy left on Saturday evening. Thanks Dad! Here's a picture of my main support team.

I knew for certain that it would always bug me knowing that the torque arm bolts were reused but not cleaned up. So I removed them and used the wire wheel to clean them up.

Here is a before and after comparison. Doesn't that look better? As I finished each piece, Sara put them in a WD-40 bath to soak. We let them soak while we installed the A-arms.

While I was working on cleaning up the bolts, Dad was installing the bump stops on both A-arms.

Sara reminded me that the shock mounting nuts and washers were also reused and had not been cleaned up. I decided I might as well clean those right away, too.

Once all the hardware had been cleaned and was soaking in WD-40 we started installing the driver side A-arm. The newly installed Energy Suspension Polyurethane bushings made for a tight test fit.

One of the things we have learned during this project is that the POR-15 tends to work its way into bolt holes in the frame, giving the openings just enough of a coating to cause binding. This is easily remedied by lightly tapping the bolt through the holes.

I attempted to push the A-arm into place, but as I noted before, it is a very tight fit.

I used a rubber mallet to encourage the bushings into place. When the holes lined up Dad fed the bolts through.

We ended up having more of an issue with the rear bushing and bolt, but with a few more light taps it fell into place. 

Dad threaded the nuts on the bolts while I found the right socket and wrench.

I snugged up both of the bolts. Everything will be tightened down once the car has a load on it again.

The last thing we did Saturday night was reinstall the shock mounting nuts and washers and the torque arm bolts.

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