Monday, August 19, 2013

Package Of Parts For KITT

The parts I ordered from Shawn (OhioKARR on the Foundation board) arrived today and I unboxed everything tonight. There is something exciting about opening packages, just like Christmas. :)

The stainless steel "L" trim which was only featured on the 1982 models is a must for an accurate KITT conversion. The stainless part of the trim is in great shape and needs just a little polishing to make is shine. The black inner area will need to be touched up as the paint is worn off in spots. I plan to use thin black pinstriping to redo this area. 

Sara snapped a picture as I lifted out the 15" turbocast wheel.

Here is the driver and passenger side lower A pillar trim. These are the plastic trim pieces that fell from the storage area above the garage door and shattered this winter. 

The radiator overflow tank cap. The one that was on the car was a metal cap that someone had stuck on there. It did not fit or seal right.

Here is the heater box cover. The one on the car was broken and the previous owner had taped it together with duct tape. This one is in great shape.

I needed the driver side dash vent as mine was broken. These are in great shape, but unfortunately are for the center of the dash and not what I needed. I have already sent Shawn a message to see if he has the driver side vent.

Here is the cowl screen. This is also in much better shape than the one I have. There are no tears in the screen and no broken plastic.

The 15" turbocast wheel is also in great shape, although dirty. This is going to make an excellent spare for KITT should anything happen to one of KITT's wheels. 

Here is the upper and lower halves of the fan shroud. The previous owner had butchered mine and there was not much left that resembled the one pictured below. This just needs a good cleaning and a fresh coat of gloss black.

On a more somber note, I wire wheeled the POR-15 away from the steering gear box area this afternoon and immediately noticed the cracks are worse than I thought.

I talked to Troy, and he said he would come over and weld these tomorrow.

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