Saturday, August 3, 2013

Odds And Ends

Today I decided to get some minor stuff done that I had either been putting off, or that was just not critical at the moment. I started by hanging the rear quarter plastics on the ceiling to get them out of the way. I secured each one with a bungee cord.

One of the parts that I had intended to paint was the gear selector. I know that you will never see anything besides the handle when the car is assembled, but I am going to put just a single coat of POR-15 on it anyway. Why? Because I can and because it will look better. :) 

I also cleaned the original fuel line hardware that will need to be reused with MarineClean. 

After a quick scrubbing with a toothbrush, I rinsed everything with water.

I sprayed the parts with Prep and Ready and let them soak.

After 20 minutes I rinsed them with water and set them in the sun to dry.

I got everything ready to paint and then realized that I was out of POR-15. I had used the last of it on the subframe connectors. :( It is a good thing that I have some more on order. It should be here Monday.

Since I could not paint today, I went through some of the boxes of parts and found the alternator and A/C compressor brackets. These will need to be painted with POR-15, too.

They were very greasy so I decided to spray them with MarineClean before I used the wire brush on them.

I got out the pressure washer to rinse them off. They were incredibly greasy and I thought this would help cut through the crud better. I was right!

I started to use the wire wheel on one piece to see if I could get any of the rust and/or loose paint off of it. It really did not do much for the paint, but did remove all of the rust.

I got to thinking about trying to remove all the paint to get down to the bare metal. I tried some ZipStrip, but as with most of the frame on this car it just does not come off without an excessive amount of work. I decided to follow the advice of the guys at POR-15. They told me if it takes that much to get the paint off, then there is no reason not to just paint over it. I decided to just continue to use the wire wheel to remove anything that may be loose and rough up the surface so the POR-15 will adhere.

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