Thursday, August 8, 2013

Painting The Subframe Connectors, Part 2

Yesterday I started by prepping the rear subframe connector mounts for paint. I masked off the area I did not want to paint with painters tape and then covered that with a layer of duct tape for durability.

I used sandpaper to scuff the surface of the mounts to help with adhesion.

Then I used the air compressor to blow away the loose dust, dirt and debris from welding and sanding.

I sprayed both mounts with MarineClean and scrubbed them thoroughly with a brush.

I also gathered the newly welded rear sway bar bushing hardware and sprayed them with MarineClean. I did a little scrubbing on these, but not much was required. 

I rinsed them off with water and separated the parts into two bowls. Then I coated all the parts with Prep and Ready and allowed them to soak for 30 minutes. 

I rinsed off the rear subframe connector mounts with water. As you can see, they cleaned up pretty nice.

I coated both mounts with Prep and Ready and allowed them to soak for 30 minutes.

After they had finished soaking, I rinsed both the rear subframe connector mounts and the rear sway bar bushing hardware off with water.

I set the sway bar bushing hardware in the sun to dry.

I needed to make sure the rear subframe connector mounts would be dry in time for me to paint when I did the rest of the parts, so I used a heat gun and multiple fans to speed drying.

While the rear subframe connector mounts dried, I set the rest of the parts on a small table so they would be ready to paint.

Dad came over to help paint the A/C compressor and alternator brackets. 

While he worked on those I applied the first coat of POR-15 to the rear sway bar bushing hardware.

When we had finished the first coat on the brackets and hardware, I took a can of POR-15 and slid under the car to paint the rear subframe connector mounts. Here are pictures of everything with one coat of POR-15 Black. 

We took a quick supper break and then came back to see how the POR-15 was drying. I would like you to note KITT's proof of concept turbine in the picture below. Now I just have to figure out how to keep it plugged into an outlet while driving. :D

See, this is what happens when you are forced to watch paint dry. :) 

Once they had dried to the point where there was only a slight finger drag, we applied a second coat to everything. The brackets for the engine bay will only get two coats, whereas the underbody parts are getting three. Here is everything after the second coat. 

Later that night I applied the third coat to the rear sway bar bushing hardware and the rear subframe connector mounts. I am sure there will be a few areas that will need to be touched up on the subframe mounts once the tape is removed. I will also still need to paint the undersides of the sway bar bushing hardware. Here is everything after three coats of POR-15.

Today after work I stopped in to see Troy. He said he was going to finish the rear end tonight and he planned to install it on Saturday. I asked him if he could not install it on Saturday if he would at least drop it off so that I could. He said he would. 

When I got home I decided to just go ahead and paint the rear sway bar end link hardware, so I started by soaking it in Prep and Ready.

While that was soaking I put a coat of POR-15 on the undersides of the swaybar bushing hardware.

Then I removed the tape that I used to mask off the subframe connectors and to my surprise it did not need any touching up.

I rinsed off the end link hardware and set it in the sun to dry.

Once it was dry I laid it out on the table so I could start painting.

Here is the first coat of POR-15 on the end link hardware.

Before sealing up the can of POR-15 I decided to take down the brackets Dad painted and just check them over for any spots that may need to be touched up. The only thing I found was the area where the rope they were hanging from was. I gave those areas a quick touch up. 

Tonight after supper I applied the second coat to the parts. I still have to paint the flip side of the washers tomorrow and will touch up anything that needs it then. Here are the parts as they look tonight.

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