Wednesday, August 21, 2013

KITT's Correct Fuel Line Arrived Today

Today after work I started grinding down the welds we made on the frame yesterday. I really was not sure how far I needed to grind them down, so I tried to flatten them out so that the mounting surface would be flat. I may need to get a second opinion on these.

KITT's correct fuel line also arrived today and I unboxed it this evening. I can see the area meant to go up and over the transmission tunnel so it looks right so far.

Fuzzie decided she would investigate the box to make sure that I hadn't missed anything.

She found the instructions at the bottom of the box and came scurrying out to inform me.

"I am not positive, but I think you might need those." ;)

I removed the shipping bend as we had with the other lines and tried to hold it in place under the car. It seems to be the right shape, but at the same time does not want to fit quite right. I think it may just need a little encouragement, after looking at the pictures of the originals to see how it is supposed to be routed, of course.

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