Friday, July 26, 2013

They Say It's My Birthday

Troy called this morning singing birthday greetings, and to tell me Farm Power Manufacturing had called him and said the mounting plates were ready to be picked up. Sara and I had brunch and then drove out to Farm Power Manufacturing to pick them up. The plates look like they will work great. These will be welded to the bottom bracket portion of the muffler clamp. The total came to $23, which is what I had expected, but the guy at Farm Power Manufacturing was quite surprised it cost that much. He said he thought it would have only cost a few bucks for the two little plates... which made Sara and I wonder just for a second if we were being ripped off. ;) My total cost to make both clamps was $32, which is a far cry less than the aftermarket ones that are available online for $100+. So no matter what, I think I did pretty good.

As you can see, the bracket I fabricated above is very similar to the original pictured below.

Check out the new Knight Rider t-shirt Sara's Mom and Dad gave me for my birthday! And my brother-in-law gave me two of the speaker sets I need for KITT! The 4x6 speakers will be the ones mounted in the dash and used for KITT's voice. This was the stock location for the front speakers in the Trans Am. I am relocating the front speakers to the kick panels. This is where the 5.25 speakers will be mounted.

Sara said she will spend the weekend working on KITT with me, and the weather is supposed to be really nice and cool... so look for more blog posts soon!

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