Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Never Enough Pictures

Today I discovered that you can never have too many pictures. There have been many posts already where I have said, "I wish I would not have taken so many pictures; we really do not need all of them". Well, I am here to tell myself that yes, you probably do. 

I wanted to be prepared to reinstall KITT's rear end by making sure I had all the hardware ready to go. There are some things I just was not sure about, even though we marked and bagged everything. I figured the easiest way to figure it out would be to look for a reference picture from before we removed it. Guess what? I don't have a picture that shows the particular hardware I am looking for. Lucky for me I have the illustrated parts book for the car and could compare notes with that. So, just for the record, if anyone should attempt a project like this, make sure to go nuts with the camera. You cannot have too many pictures!

After finding most of the hardware I was looking for I decided to clean up the bolts a bit. I don't have a grinder with a wire wheel, but I do have a clamp for my drill that allows it to become a stationary wire wheel.

I have been soaking some of the hardware in a bath of WD-40. Yes, that is what it looks like... a Presto Fryer. It doesn't work anymore, at least for frying, but as you can see I have recycled it and put it to good use. :)

Here is a before and after of the wire wheel cleaning. Looks much better don't you think?

Here is all of the hardware once I finished with the wire wheel. It is not the greatest job in the world, but it removed most if not all of the rust from them. Now I am going to throw them back in the WD-40 to soak until I need them.

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