Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sound Deadening, Part 5

We're back! After taking a much deserved vacation attending our friends Jessica and Jake's wedding and celebrating the 4th, I am back to work on KITT. I decided after work today to apply just a little more sound deadening.

I wanted to get the sail panel area sound deadened, but before I could begin I had to do some research. I could not remember what cavities could safely be covered and which needed to be left open. I referred back to an earlier blog post in March of 2012 when we first removed the interior plastics. It turns out that the entire area from the roof to the floor can be covered. The speaker opening is the only thing that needs to remain open.

I applied a 12"x12" square to the top of the sail panel area on both sides of the car. This ends up covering from the roof line to the top of the speaker opening.

I used a template as before to cut a piece to fit between the side brace and the bottom of the speaker opening.

I removed the wire clips so I could apply the sound deadening without having to cut around the clips.

Once the sound deadening was pressed with the roller I pushed the clips back through their holes.

I did the same thing for the passenger side.

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