Sunday, July 28, 2013


This afternoon Jonathan decided to go through some of the tubs in the garage and get out the parts we need to install the rear end. The first thing he found was the rear shocks. He decided to get them put into place so they are hanging and ready for installation.

This is the driver side. I put on the washer and hand-tightened the nut.

This is the passenger side. I put on the washer and hand-tightened the nut.

Jonathan found the rear springs, sway bar and spring insulators that we will need for the rear end installation (which is not happening today). Jonathan needed to have the rear end put back on the car by August 1st. It is July 28th.

Jonathan next found the motor mounts, and he decided to install the new polyurethane inserts today and install the mounts back in the car.

To do this, we will need the motor mount bolts. My search begins with Drawer #1.

While I searched Drawer #1, Jonathan read over the instructions for the inserts.

Seriously, putting this car back together might be scary. This bag contains something that "goes in a black box in the engine bay". At least I narrowed it down to the engine bay.

"Speedometer hooks into this whatchamawhoee". God help us.

Jonathan is now assembling the motor mounts.

The motor mount bolts are not in Drawer #1. 

I moved on to Drawer #2.

No dice. Moving on to Drawer #3.

Success! Should have started with Drawer #3.

The recipe says to let the bolts simmer in the Presto fryer until cooked thoroughly. Okay, maybe I made that part up. I put the motor mount bolts in Jonathan's WD-40-filled fryer and let them soak.

Jonathan finished the first motor mount.

Jonathan set up the wire wheel on his drill to clean up the motor mount bolts.

Ding! The bolts are done. You can see the assembled motor mounts in this picture.

Jonathan cleaned the bolts with the wire wheel.

The motor mount bolts are all clean and shiny now.

Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it's not all mixed up.--A.A. Milne

All the parts have now been separated into three categories: Engine Bay, Exterior/Underbody, and Interior. Hopefully this will cut down on search time.

Next we decided to install the motor mounts. It is a good thing we did it now because they are extremely easy to install with the A-arms out. Jonathan put the motor mounts in place and pushed the bolts through the holes in the K member, and I threaded the nuts on each one.

Next I held the wrench while Jonathan tightened the bolts down from inside the engine bay. But first I put my pink gloves on. For the record, there is still disgusting crud inside the K member.

After tightening them down, Jonathan torqued them to 35 foot pounds with the torque wrench.

With the motor mounts installed, Jonathan cut the zip ties that were used to temporarily clamp them together.

Motor mounts are installed! We are calling it a night. 

Keep your fingers crossed Troy comes and installs the rear end this week!

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