Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Another Night Of Waiting In The Garage

I stopped in at Troy's shop after work and confirmed that he was still coming over this evening to help install the rear end. He said he was and I double checked to see if he needed me to buy anything or get anything ready. He said "Nope, just be there". 

And be there I was. I waited all night out in the garage. I have lost track of how many nights I have done this now. (If only I had a blog that documented it...)

This afternoon, after I stopped at Troy's, I decided to apply Threadlocker Blue to the bolts Sara and I had torqued on the rear sway bar end link brackets this weekend. This involved removing the bolts one by one, cleaning them, applying the Threadlocker, and torquing them again.

I spent the rest of my afternoon moving stuff around in the garage to make room for when Troy arrived. I have been storing stuff under the car, so I had to move it out. This is also something I am getting quite good at.

When Sara got home from work, she helped me move the back glass out from under the car. This needed to be moved so Troy and I could install the A-arms. I also wanted to gain easier access to the motor mounts Sara and I had installed this weekend.

I decided to apply the Threadlocker Blue to the motor mount bolts as well. Again I removed the bolts one by one, cleaned them, applied the Threadlocker, and torqued them again. This was a little trickier to do by myself, which is another reason I wanted to move the back glass out from under the car.

I spent the rest of the night picking up and cleaning tools and getting reorganized. I confirmed with Troy at 8:00PM that he was still coming over. I waited in the garage until 9:30PM and then gave up. The next time I talk to Troy I am going to ask him to just drop off the rear end and the other components he has, and Sara and I will attempt to tackle this ourselves. Hopefully he will be willing to drop the rear end off and finish welding when he picks up his welder. The rear end install has been happening since April. I am tired of waiting.

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