Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sound Deadening, Part 8

Sunday and Monday afternoon I spent some time working on sound deadening KITT's roof. I know there is a lot of debate among third gen enthusiasts as to whether this is worth it on a t-top car. I recorded a before and after video to answer just that (as much for myself as for everyone else).

On two separate occasions when I spoke at length with Rick from RAAMaudio he stressed that covering or sealing up all the access holes in the framework of the car will go a long way to cut down the resonance. I took this to heart and along with covering a little more than 80% of the actual roof top (area behind t-tops), I sealed and/or covered every access hole I could find.

The large patch in the picture below is covering up an access hole. You can see its outline in the top center of the picture.

Not really an access hole, but a hole nonetheless.

I found a way to seal it using a strip of RAAMmat.

I did the same thing on the passenger side.

I even went as far as sealing up around the indentation where the seat belt retractor mounts. This may be going further than necessary, but I figure what is the point in covering up all the access holes if I am going to leave these open to resonate? 

The center channel for the t-tops also has a series of access holes.

I covered all seven of them.

Last but not least, I covered up the access holes in the area above the windshield. 

I covered all the access holes except where the sun visors mount.

Here is the before and after video comparing the results of the sound deadening. You can hear a noticeable difference. I think it was worth the effort. The nice thing about just covering the access holes is if I need to gain access, it is as simple as poking through the sound deadening.

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