Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Some Exciting News

I have been conversing with Kevin Knight of Knight Registries as he works to restore the Registries to their former glory, and through our discussions I entered KITT for eventual inclusion.

Right now Knight Registries has a Facebook presence and my friend Cary spotted this and sent it my way: 

Thanks Cary!

I also talked to Billy of Knight Designs this morning and he told me he has KITT's front nose on the bench and he should have it completed and shipped to me in two to three weeks! He also mentioned that the delays in getting the parts to me sooner were caused by the excessive rain and humidity in his area. The fiberglass will not lay or dry correctly in high humidity.

Unfortunately this has also prevented him from taking a mold on the rear bumper. He plans to start on this soon after sending my front nose and rear ground effects.

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