Friday, January 25, 2013

Sound Deadening And Heat Reduction

I have not been out in the garage much due to the very cold weather we have had lately. I have been doing more research though and recently had a really nice conversation with Rick from RAAmaudio. We spoke at length about KITT and what I would like to achieve in terms of sound deadening and heat reduction. He suggested what areas of the car to cover and how much material I would need.

There are two basic components to the RAAMaudio system:
  • BXT II RAAMmat reduces or eliminates many of the vibrations that can lead to rattles on the flexible, resonate prone parts of the car and seals up access holes to block the noise from getting into the car.
    • 37.5 sq ft per box flat pack box, 20 sheets, 11x23"
    • Butyl based formula
    • Peal and stick for easy application, conforms well, stays put.
    • 60 mils thick .060" and .52lbs per sq ft
    • 4 mil soft aluminum finish
    • 250 degree temp rating
  • Ensolite IUO Peel and Stick works as a high frequency acoustical and thermal barrier. It breaks up and diffuses unwanted noise and helps decouple acoustical energy from resonating other parts of the vehicle.
    • Normal application is 3 yards per pack of BXT II.
    • 1/8" thick 
    • Will handle high heat and is fire retardant
One of the more interesting things Rick told me was that his products were recently chosen to dampen the ducting and air handlers on the International Space Station (ISS). How cool is that?

I placed an order for three packs of the RAAMmat and nine yards of the Ensolite. They arrived earlier this week.

Here are the pictures I took of the Ensolite.

Here are the pictures I took of the RAAMmat.

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