Wednesday, January 2, 2013

KITT's Cowl

Today it was finally warm enough outside to allow the garage to be heated enough to finish painting. The cowl is the last of the large POR-15 projects (other than the fuel tank, which Sara just reminded me about). I wanted to treat this area but I have not been looking forward to figuring out how I was going to paint the entire length of it. 

I used two flashlights to illuminate the driver side of the cowl. This is the part I will not be able to reach by hand. I have one flashlight shining in the hole where the driver side windshield wiper arm mounts. The other is laying in the cowl.

Against my better judgment I decided to try the wonderful POR-15 daubers to paint this area. These daubers are impossible to paint with because the wire is not rigid enough to use it any length longer than a paintbrush. I ended up slopping it around the area I intended to cover, but it did get enough paint in there to coat the bottom.

In this picture you can see where the dauber was able to get the POR-15 on the floor of the cowl but not so much on the side. Needless to say I was not happy with the result. My next idea was to duct tape a paintbrush onto a stake from one of Sara's Halloween decorations.

This is the same area after using my extended paintbrush.

The rest of the cowl was much easier to paint with a normal paintbrush. Here is the passenger side of the cowl.

Here is the driver side of the cowl.

Here is the entire cowl looking from the passenger side.

And the entire cowl looking from the driver side.

I decided to only do one coat of POR-15 on the cowl, followed by a touch-up coat tonight to hit any areas I missed. This cowl was rust-free and is not as exposed as the rest of the car. The last thing I did tonight was put one more coat of POR-15 on the Panhard/track bar brace. 

Troy stopped by tonight to check on my progress. He said the engine will be ready in about a week; too bad things are not going as quickly on the rest of the car!

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