Thursday, January 17, 2013

Painting KITT's Fuel Tank: The Sequel

I was able to heat the garage enough to paint the bottom half of the fuel tank today. I was so excited I could paint today that I forgot to take a picture before I started painting. Oops! 

Here is the before pictures with just a little POR-15 already painted on the corner.

Here is the tank after the first coat. Since this is the bottom of the tank and faces the ground it will be getting all three coats.

I painted a second coat of POR-15 on the fuel tank this afternoon.

Tonight I painted a third coat of POR-15 on the fuel tank. I moved the fuel tank in front of the car so Sara could park the Freestyle inside the garage tonight.

This afternoon I ordered the RAAMmat BXT II and PS Ensolite sound deadening material for the interior of KITT. I spoke with Rick at RAAMaudio and he helped me figure out exactly what I need to replace the firewall and do the entire interior of KITT. RAAMaudio makes a low-cost alternative to Dynamat and their product was actually used on the international space station. Rick said my package will ship out tomorrow. I am really excited about starting this part of the project!

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