Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Repairing And Sealing KITT's Fuel Tank, Part 4

This afternoon Dad and I sealed the tank. Once we got the can of fuel tank sealer open (which was incredibly difficult) we took turns stirring it. The directions on the can say it needs to be stirred until the sealer is a uniform color. It took almost 20 minutes of stirring before we decided it was good enough.

Following the directions on the can, I poured the entire can into the fuel tank and then sealed the opening with my flower pot seal.

The directions say to slowly roll the tank. I rolled the tank around, turning it every which way imaginable. 

Then Dad thought it would be a good idea to let it sit on each side for five minutes. 

After letting each side sit for five minutes, we removed the flower pot seal and tipped it upside down over a tub. I put a plastic bowl underneath the opening. The directions say you are supposed to pour the sealer back into the can. Yeah, right. Maybe if you had a nozzle or something you could do that, but with my tank it was impossible. I thought the water was hard to get out of the tank. This stuff is impossible. The directions say to let it drain out of the tank for thirty minutes. What is shown in the picture below is what had drained out after thirty minutes had elapsed. That obviously was not going to cut it, so I had to tip the tank back and forth just to get a few drops out at a time. I did this from 2:45PM until 5:00PM before finally saying enough is enough.

I let the tank sit in this position until about 6:45PM and then I checked it for puddles, and did not find any. There were a couple of runs, but nothing I cannot live with. I cannot imagine being able to get it out any better after all the work I did this afternoon. 

The instructions say that you can use a fan to aid in the curing process. I set a fan in front of the sending unit opening and used the wire from one of the POR-15 daubers to block open the fuel restrictor flap. This way the air can circulate through the tank. I backed the heaters off a bit, but kept them close enough that they will keep the tank at about 65 degrees.

I continued to clean the garage tonight. Remember how dirty the car was...yeah well the entire garage and everything in it was just as bad. This will be an ongoing clean up, but I am getting everything put back where it goes.

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