Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cleaning KITT's Interior

My focus today was on cleaning out KITT's interior. I had been storing finished parts inside the car to save room. I needed to clear this out in order to clean it up. The interior was very dirty, even dirtier than the outside was.

Here is what the inside of the car looked like before I started.

I cleaned off each part as I removed it from the car.

Smaller parts will be stored in this tub.

I took this picture to document the mounting tabs on the rear bumper cover.

This picture shows the wiring and light socket for the license plate.

Another picture to illustrate how the light and plate were mounted.

I removed the license plate from the rear bumper and displayed it here.

All the parts that were too big for the tub will be stored here. The ends of the A-arms still need to be painted, but the bushings I just ordered need to be installed first.

I decided to store the wheel well inserts here. I put the plastic insert for the fuel filler neck up here also.

Now the car is emptied out. It is really dirty.

I decided to remove this rear view mirror mount....not sure why now, but it is as good a time as any.

Five seconds of flame on the piece and it twisted right off.

The area is clean with no residue left behind.

I vacuumed the interior next. You can see the contrast in these two pictures.

The interior is completely vacuumed now. It is still very dirty.

I misted the interior down in sections with MarineClean. I used a rag and wiped it up. I did not follow behind this time with water. I intend to clean the inside again as I work on it.

Here are pictures of the interior after I cleaned it with MarineClean.

It dawned on me while I was cleaning the interior that I should have put the windows up before I disconnected and removed all the wiring. I will need the windows up to remove the glass and the door hardware. Power windows do not provide a way to manually raise the window. I used a 12 volt battery and wire probes to power the motor and put the windows up. There are two terminals on the motor, positive to one and negative to the other. On my first attempt the window bottomed out, so I switched the polarity and allowed the motor to push the window all the way up. 

I used a tarp to fashion a cover for the open t-tops. Hopefully this will cut down on the dirt inside the car.

Troy found a rear hatch with defrost for me. It is from a 1989 Camaro IROC. It is being shipped here. The glass is supposed to be in excellent condition. I know there is always a chance the defrost grid may not work, but that is always repairable. Now I just need to find a driver side door.

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