Friday, January 4, 2013

KITT's Underbody In POR-15

Today I cleaned the engine bay, underbody, and exterior of KITT. I decided to try vacuuming some of the dust off before using the MarineClean and water process I described in my post yesterday. 

You can see where I used the vacuum on the cross member. It did remove most of the dust.

Before vacuuming:

After vacuuming:

I started with the MarineClean process with the front windshield and cowl.

After that I moved on to the engine bay (both inside and underneath).

Then I cleaned the underbody and the rest of the outside of the car.

Cleaning the car took almost all day. It was very dirty.

Here is a video that shows all of the areas of KITT that have been painted with POR-15. The video was taken while rolling on a creeper so it is a little shaky.

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