Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Painting With Dad

I wanted to get started painting nice and early today, so I turned the heaters on in the garage at 6:45AM this morning. I kept checking on the garage temperature, but it took until 10:30AM to get above 50 degrees and warm enough to paint.

I started on the passenger side fender, and at 10:45AM Sara's dad came over and started painting the driver side fender. By 11:30AM we had finished both fenders. We painted just a single coat of POR-15 on the insides of the fenders as a preventative measure against future rust.

We took a break for lunch and resumed painting at 1:00PM. I started by removing the air induction system from the hood. I wanted to have this off before Mario picked up the hood this afternoon.

While I was working on that, Dad started painting the end sections of the rear end that could not be painted before because of the jack stand placement.

After he finished the rear end, Dad moved on to painting the springs.

While Dad was busy painting the springs I continued getting parts ready for Mario. The next thing I worked on was taking apart the headlight covers and bezels. I spoke to Mario and he said he could not see a reason why the headlight bezels could not also be painted.

Below is the driver side headlight with the bezel removed.

This is the driver side headlight bezel. Mario will be removing the Pontiac logo for me. I intend to use this logo on the air cleaner assembly.

This is the driver side headlight showing how the cover is bolted to the headlight.

Below is the driver side bezel and cover.

This is the passenger side headlight.

This is the passenger side bezel.

This is the passenger side headlight with the bezel removed.

Below is the passenger side bezel and cover.

Here is a picture of Dad finishing up on the first spring.

After I got the headlights and other parts ready for Mario, I started working on the backside of the rear bumper. 

Here is the backside of the rear bumper after the first coat of POR-15. I painted 75% of the bumper. Dad helped me with the last bit after he finished the springs. We finished painting about 2:50PM. Dad, thank you again for your help today!

Mario said he would be over at 3:00PM so we got all the parts moved to the back of the garage. I did not take pictures of all of the smaller parts I sent with Mario, so I thought I would list them out:
  • 2 front fenders
  • hood
  • hood slam tray
  • 2 a-pillar drip rails
  • 2 b-pillar drip rails
  • both headlight covers and bezels
  • both power mirrors
  • both front fender vents
  • gas cover and insert

Tonight after dinner Sara helped me put a second coat of POR-15 on the springs and the rear bumper. Thanks Sara!

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