Saturday, November 10, 2012

Painting The Day Away

The parts dried overnight. We brushed them off with the parts brush to make sure there was no loose dirt.

Sara put a tarp down and set the parts up on cinder blocks to paint. She is painting POR-15 on these parts.

Sara is also painting the driver side front fender clip.

Sara is also painting the passenger side front fender clip.

Here is a picture of me stirring the POR-15. We had two previously opened cans that we had resealed. The paint was thicker than normal which was weird because that has never happened before. We went ahead and used the paint anyway and it seemed to paint okay.

I painted more of the rear underbody today. 

Driver side front fender clip after Sara's first coat of POR-15.

Passenger side front fender clip after Sara's first coat of POR-15.

Parts after Sara's first coat of POR-15.

I was not able to finish the entire rear underbody in the time it took Sara to paint the front clips and parts, so I broke the job into two and will paint the rest tomorrow. This will also be easier on my back. The rear underbody has been by far the worst to clean and paint.

We finished the first coat of POR-15 at 12:30PM and headed inside for lunch.

We finished the second coat of POR-15 shortly after 4:00PM this afternoon.

We listened to the snow/sleet beat against the garage door as we applied the third and final coat of POR-15 this evening. We finished about 7:20PM.

I plan to finish painting the rear underbody tomorrow as well as paint the backsides of the brake shields and the two heat shields left over from the last time we painted parts.

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