Friday, November 16, 2012

A Little Painting

Needless to say, I did not sleep very well last night. Although I was excited to work on KITT this morning, I had trouble finding the motivation to get started. I got started in the late afternoon and decided to focus on the parts still needing to be painted with POR-15.

I started by using a small blade to scrape the places where the POR-15 had dripped on the backside of the parts. These pictures are of the brake shields Sara painted last weekend.

A couple of parts Sara painted last weekend adhered to the tarp. When I tried to separate them, not only did it pull off the POR-15, but it actually took a layer of the metal with it as well. You can see the edges where the metal is now exposed. I will repaint these edges.

Here are the parts to be painted today. Most are from last weekend, but I also found two heat shields that only had one side painted. The sway bar in the back needs to have just a couple of spots touched up.

Here are the parts after one application of POR-15.

I finished the first coat of POR-15 at 3:22PM.

Sara was here to help apply the second coat of POR-15 this evening. The first coat took a little longer to dry than I expected.

We finished the second coat of POR-15 at 8:10PM tonight.

We waited a little over two hours and then applied the third coat of POR-15. The parts were a little tackier than normal, but I think they will be okay, and I really did not want to stay up any later waiting for them to dry. Here is a picture of me applying the third coat of POR-15 to the backside of the heat shield.

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