Saturday, November 17, 2012

Almost Finished Painting The Underbody!

Jonathan and I are finishing the majority of painting the underbody today. Jonathan will go back under and touch up any spots we missed and some of the crevice and interior frame areas this coming week. I am really excited that today is (hopefully) my last time to paint underneath the car!

Here is a picture of Jonathan painting the rear of the underbody.

I did not get any POR-15 on my hands until I took my shower cap off. It is a good thing we are almost finished because this shower cap has just about had it. Hopefully I can get it to last for two more coats of POR-15 today.

We finished painting the first coat of POR-15 at 11:45AM - just in time for lunch!

The second coat went really quick. We finished at 3:45PM. We are reusing brushes and wrapping them in Saran wrap between coats. We need to go to Menards and buy more brushes because we only have one left and Jonathan is going to be painting more this week. 

After we finished the second coat of POR-15 we went to Menards for more brushes. I noticed tonight for the first time that Menards sells a 36 pack of the same 1 inch brushes we have been buying for $10.99. We have been paying $0.58 for each brush. ARGHHH. I never noticed before because the 36 pack of brushes are at the end of the brush aisle and not directly above the bins where the brushes are. So annoying.

When we got out to the garage to paint the third coat tonight we discovered both our brushes were unfortunately too stiff to reuse even though they had been wrapped in Saran wrap. Jonathan decided to paint the third coat himself so we only used one brush. 

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