Saturday, November 10, 2012

Christmas Comes Early This Year

Sara decided to get me an early Christmas present and told me that I should order the set of 15" Turbo Cast rims that Billy of Knight Designs had for sale. These rims are getting nearly impossible to find in good shape and cost a small fortune. They are selling for between $800 and $2,500 depending on the condition. These rims have been restored in the past, the edges have been machined so they shine and they have clear coat on them. About the only thing they need is a good cleaning and polishing.

It was snowing when I brought the boxes inside, so it really did feel like Christmas.

I changed out of my painting clothes and cracked the boxes open.

The edges have a shine to them even though they need a good polishing.

These are Billy's latest product from Knight Designs. They are seat extensions. These mount to the floor of the car where your driver seat mounts, and the driver seat mounts to these plates. This allows you to move your seat back either two or four inches further for added leg room. The release of these seat extensions happened to coincide with my rim order, so I had Billy throw in a set. I actually received the very first set Billy made. I am excited about these because I am 6'2" and leg room is always an issue for me in cars.

I will take more pictures and document the install when we start working on the interior.

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