Sunday, November 18, 2012

Another Dirty Sunday

This morning we tackled organizing the garage. There will be no more parts coming off the car now, so we got rid of the extra boxes we had and combined and labeled the existing ones. Here is a picture of Jonathan standing in the middle of our organization mess. 

When we went upstairs for lunch we discovered this on the bottom of Jonathan's shoe. His shoe was literally taped to his jeans. This label is incorrect though because Jonathan is KITT's driver, not passenger.

These are the parts left to be painted with POR-15. They need to be cleaned and prepped and then Jonathan will paint them this week.

Jonathan was planning to paint the bumper this week too, so we needed to remove the safety bumper. It is secured to the bumper by four rivets. Jonathan planned to drill them out. 

Jonathan was just saying "Remember how I broke a drill bit trying to remove the dash?" when SNAP the drill bit he was using broke.

Dear Santa, Jonathan wants a job offer and a 5/32 titanium drill bit for Christmas.

Jonathan is hoping one of our dads will have a longer drill bit he can borrow so he can drill through the front of the safety bumper rather than through the back. The head of the rivets are on the front side and he did not have a drill bit long enough to reach through the safety bumper.

After giving up on the bumper for today we took the following items to the dumpster. These parts will all have to be replaced with new ones.

The right and left rear control arms/trailing arms.

The rear rotors. There are two stacked together in this picture.

The wiper blades that came with the car. (We have new wiper blades already purchased.)

Panhard/Track bar.

Passenger side fender wheel well liner. We trashed the driver side earlier this fall.

It was only 4:00PM, so I suggested we wire brush the parts Jonathan is going to paint this week. We wire brushed all the parts I mentioned earlier in this post, and then we moved on to the rear end. Before I started brushing the rear end, Jonathan put the bolts back in the differential cover to keep it clean inside. 

These are the new rear springs Jonathan had installed at the beginning of this year. The black paint had flaked off in a few spots, so Jonathan wanted to repaint them. When we wire brushed them tonight, it became very apparent they are rusted underneath the paint. We needed to get all the paint off, and it was only coming off in spots with the wire brush, so Jonathan used some Zip-Strip my dad had.  

While Jonathan removed the paint from the rear springs, I wire brushed the rear end.

I took a close up picture of the spring while Jonathan was working so you could see the rust underneath the paint. After he used the putty knife, he scrubbed the springs with steel wool and sandpaper, and then I went over the springs with the wire brush.

The rear end was disgusting, almost as disgusting as my shoes. I worked hard on wire brushing the rear end this evening so Jonathan can MarineClean it this week, but I think it might need a little more brushing too. Earlier this afternoon I swept the garage out so I could get my vehicle inside, but now the floor is covered in dirt again and there is a rear end sitting where my vehicle is supposed to go. Oh well.

Jonathan is going to try to finish cleaning, prepping and painting this week. I am looking forward to being finished with all the super dirty work (see picture above) and the POR-15 so I can throw away my disgusting shoes!

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