Monday, June 17, 2013

Sound Deadening, Part 3

I worked a little more on sound deadening KITT this evening. I decided to tackle the driver side rear wheel well. I used some paper as templates and folded them to the size and shape I needed. Then I used them as patterns to cut out the RAAMmat BXT II.

I decided to start with the areas in between the reinforced ridges. This is where the paper templates came in really useful.

Then once all the panels were covered, I cut strips and pressed them into place over the ridges for total coverage.

There is a lot of debate online as to whether sound deadening will really help with road noise or rocks/gravel noise from the rear wheel wells. I decided when I ordered sound deadening that I was going to cover them regardless, but for anyone still left wondering here is a before and after video demonstrating the reduction in resonance in the wheel wells with the RAAMmat BXT II. I rapped with my fingernails on the exterior portion of the wheel well to simulate rocks being thrown at it.

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