Monday, June 24, 2013

Knight 2000 Intarsia Wooden Artwork

My friend Cary stopped over on Saturday morning with a surprise for me. He does a type of woodworking called Intarsia and made the Knight 2000 logo into a beautiful piece of art.

From Wikipedia:
Intarsia is a woodworking technique that uses varied shapes, sizes, and species of wood fitted together to create a mosaic-like picture with an illusion of depth. Intarsia is created through the selection of different types of wood, using their natural grain pattern and color to create variations in the pattern. After selecting the specific woods to be used within the pattern, each piece is then individually cut, shaped, and finished. Sometimes areas of the pattern are raised to create more depth. Once the individual pieces are complete, they are fitted together like a jig-saw puzzle and glued to wood backing which is sometimes cut to the outline shape of the image.

The piece is absolutely stunning! The colors are the natural colors of the wood - the black is Gaboon ebony and the red is African padauk. This is not colored with stain or dye and has just a clear stain on it to preserve and protect it.

Cary and I found the perfect place to display it - right in front of KITT's bay in our garage. :D

Everyone that has come into the garage so far has been amazed at the colors in the piece. It truly is amazing to see! 

Here is a picture Cary took shortly after finishing the piece that shows it next to one of the magnets we have for sale in the Project: K.I.T.T. store. He used the magnet as the reference image for this piece.

Thank you so much Cary! I love it, and with it hanging in the garage KITT will never forget where to park!

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