Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sound Deadening, Part 1

This afternoon we started on the sound deadening. KITT was full of spare parts and was quite dusty, so I had to empty him out and vacuum the inside.

While I cleaned out KITT, Sara oiled the chains on our bikes and tried to figure out the combination to my bike lock, which I had forgotten.

Success! My bike is finally unlocked!

After I vacuumed out the driver side, I wiped it down with window cleaner because of its high evaporation rate.

Here I am measuring and cutting a section of RAAMmat BXT II from RAAMaudio.

Pressing the RAAMmat BXT II down into place.

We used a plastic roller to press the sections down, and the handle of a screwdriver to trace the grooves.

Sara wanted to work on the passenger side, so I vacuumed it out.

Then Sara cleaned it with window cleaner.

While I was laying down the larger sections, Sara worked diligently on the smaller pieces along the drive tunnel.

Our progress so far.

Here I am pressing in a section in the passenger side rear seat well.

I used a balled up rag to apply pressure and flatten everything down. The rag works well because it stays slick on the surface.

After three hours this afternoon, here is what we have completed so far.

Front driver side:

Rear driver side:

Front passenger side:

Rear passenger side:

Here is a before and after video demonstrating the reduction in resonance with the RAAMmat BXT II:

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