Monday, June 9, 2014

Sara Surprised Me With An Early Birthday Present!

This last week our deep freeze died. Then a couple days later my 8 gallon air compressor went south. It started leaking at the tank by one of the welds and I needed to replace it. We headed to Menards to get another like it and they were out, so upgrade time! I chose a standing 11 gallon air compressor. Then Sara suggested that we look at the mini refrigerators. (I had previously mentioned my cooler in the garage was not keeping my pop cold enough.) Sara surprised me by picking out a counter high 5.5 cubic foot refrigerator/freezer combo for the garage! Thank you Sara, you are the best!! I love you honey!

Now I can reward anyone who comes over to help with ice cold beverages! ;)

Before I could unpack and set up the refrigerator I needed to get the garage back in order. KITT had made quite a mess of the place while I was out and did not bother to pick anything up. What?!? Who else could it have been? I am certainly not going to admit that I did not bother to pick up any of the tools when we finished power washing KITT's underbody...

I started by removing all of the blue painter's tape we sealed KITT up with.

Then I hung KITT's front fenders back on the chassis.

Now it is time to get this thing opened.

Fridge is in place!

I adjusted the legs to make sure the unit was level.

Freezer on the left, refrigerator on the right. Hey look, it even has a light!

Next up... unpacking my new air compressor.

The package bragged about how quiet this air compressor is, but I am sorry to say it is no quieter than my old 8 gallon. Still, it looks nice, and I will get a lot of use out of it.

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