Wednesday, June 18, 2014

POR-15 When It Is Pouring Out...Not A Good Idea

I started Monday with the intention of getting the subframe connectors and the Panhard/track bar coated with POR-15. It was raining when I got out to the garage, but since the car was inside and I could still crack the door open without getting water in the garage, I figured I would be fine. We have applied POR-15 a few times already when it was raining outside and never had a problem, so I proceeded as planned.

I got the POR-15 and supplies out and was ready to get started.

Here is the driver side subframe connector.

Here is the passenger side subframe connector.

The first coat went on extremely easy, and in relatively no time I had the first coat on both subframe connectors.

Now that the first coat was on the subframe connectors, I started on the Panhard/track bar. The first thing I did was hang it from the painting hooks in the ceiling. I used 30 pound Spiderwire fishing line to hold it up.

I masked off each of the grease Zerks with painter's tape.

The first coat went on the Panhard/track bar just as nicely as it did on the subframe connectors.

I had to let the first coat dry until just a slight finger drag was present before the second coat could be applied. Sara had just got home, so we went in to have lunch.

After lunch I went out to check on them. I did not expect them to be ready yet, but with the higher humidity I just wanted to see how they were doing. What I found really surprised me. The POR-15 had hundreds of little bubbles in the finish. In all of our experience with applying POR-15 we have never seen it do this.

I called POR-15 to see what they could tell me. The POR-15 rep said that high humidity is usually not a problem, however, if it is above 71% it can sometimes bubble because the POR-15 dries too fast and forms a skin before the gas caused by the molecular bonding can escape. It is the trapped gas that causes the bubbles.

The POR-15 rep told me this will not affect the POR-15's protection of the metal surface. It just does not look good. He recommended sanding with 320 grit sandpaper to remove the bubbles and then reapplying. 

I am going to have to wait for a day when there is less humidity though and rain is not in the forecast. I was hoping that would be today, however it is 97% humidity outside right now with a 80% chance of thunderstorms. I am hoping to finish Friday afternoon instead.

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