Friday, June 20, 2014

No Rain...All Gain! It's POR-15 Time!

I got off work early this afternoon and could not wait to get started on the Panhard/track bar and the subframe connectors. There was no rain in the forecast and the humidity was more normal for this time of year. I started by sanding the parts with 320 grit sand paper as recommended by the tech support at POR-15. This stuff is tough though and it takes a lot to scuff it.

The 3M sanding pad did not remove the bubbles, but leveled them out enough that the remaining two coats should smooth it out and cover them up.

I called the POR-15 support line to double check on proper prep after sanding and was told to first use a tack cloth and then compressed air to clean the sanding dust of the parts. No other prep is needed.

Ready to paint!

My friend Jessica surprised me by stopping over to say hi and she got a chance to see what I was working on. Jessica asked about the results of the poll to decide what to do with the Wonderbar and the differential cap. I told her right now leaving them red is winning, but I am keeping the poll open and am continuing to get votes. If you have not voted, please cast your vote now.

Here is the Panhard/track bar with the second coat of POR-15.

Here are the subframe connectors after the second coat of POR-15.

Third and final coat of POR-15!

Project for tomorrow: Tackling the lower control arms.

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