Sunday, June 22, 2014

Lower Control Arms Go From Red To Black

Today's focus: the lower control arms. I needed to remove both wheels to gain better access.

Upon closer inspection I saw some areas on the lower control arms that did not get roughed up enough. They were all in spots that were hard to get at, so I MacGyvered a new tool. I cut a piece of the 3M foam sanding pad and adhered it to a plastic scraper tool with some double sided tape. 

I was able to use this to get into some of the hard to reach areas.

When I had everything properly roughed up, I used some masking tape to mask off the areas I did not want to get POR-15 on. Specifically the grease Zerks and also the shocks because they are so close to the lower control arms.

I got the POR-15 ready to go. I noticed when stirring the POR-15 that it seemed thicker than usual and had the beginnings of a skin on the surface. 

I started with the ends, which were the hardest areas to paint, and then did the main area of the lower control arm.

First coat is on!

After two hours' dry time, I applied the second coat of POR-15. The POR-15 was the same consistency as the first coat, with a slight skin on the surface before I stirred the can.

When I started the third coat, the POR-15 in the can was the consistency of watered-down pudding. I am thinking that the day I painted with the high humidity ruined this can. I decided to go ahead and stir it up really well and paint with it, even though I might end up with brush strokes. I hate the idea of throwing it out.

Third and final coat!

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